What Does Gene Wilder have to do with Ovarian Cancer?

I’ve done a lot recently on health and its effects on people. The topic I mention most is the topic of cancer. I’ve mentioned medical tourism but not much on cancer which effect only women, one of them being Ovarian Cancer. When I think of this I relate immediately to one actor, Gene Wilder, and his wife who died of Ovarian Cancer, Gilda Radner.

I can see the effects on others as a wider effect to this particular cancer. Which is why I was glad to find this website which is trying to help women and others by trying a new method of treatment based on genes. This site is a wonderful example of information and the power of writing and hope that it brings to people with cancer.

Genes, yes this might be the cure people with Ovarian Cancer might need. I wonder what might have happened if these new therapies were available to Radner before she died. Certainly Gene Wilder wouldn’t have become the spokesperson for this cancer. There is some great things that are happening in this field that will help ovarian cancer patients.

Of course, it affects us all and learning about this cancer and learning about the stages of cancer are also important.

My Question for you today is this: If a member of your family had cancer, would you do what Gene Wilder has done and become involved?


  • Brian, the old man

    Actually yes. My mother is a breast cancer survivor and I have done what I can to help promote interest in finding a cure for this as well as other cancers. I really don't like to toot my own horn but October being Breast Cancer Awareness Month I have posted an article about #beatcancer, I have retweeted many of Christina Applegate's tweets about breast cancer. I also have supported Lung4Joseph, someone who has CF and recently received a successful lung transplant. I hope and pray one day we will find a cure for all cancers. Take care and thank you for bringing a discussion about cancer to the foreground.

  • Shannon

    I would absolutely become involved. In fact, I would bet that most people who are involved with fund raising for breast cancer research and prevention have been touched personally by breast cancer. When a loved one is affected by cancer it can certainly be a call to action.

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