To Write a Blog, to Network, to Publish

I write a blog, and I write on a computer and on paper, and for people, and for myself. 

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Are you a writer crazy?

The most important comment that comes from that running commentary is this: I enjoy writing a blog, but I think the greatest value I get is writing for others. By this i mean I network, and I also write a blog, but that means in one case i do have some publishing in my background.

What? What? Online publishing? Actually I look at it as letter writing. I am writing a letter to my readers, and they are reading it. In turn they write a comment or something. In this case, the letter writing is done on a blog.

It’s almost as if the networks that we make through writing can be expanded. This includes when going to classes. This will lead to one thing, a published book, or a better blog. Or whatever. The important thing is that people network and work together.

So in essence to write a blog is to network, and this means that you need to publish, which means that one works together with the others. It’s all a part of the business plan and writing. I’m not talking about a me me me comment, which UnInvoked so aptly put, but still one must know what one must do.

I need to say this, the most important thing about this blog is you, the reader, and the people who comment and the people who write the comments. That is the art of networking.


  • Damaria Senne

    For me writing a blog is about connecting with people who allow me to chat about my life as a writer, and who also share their experiences with me. I feel I am a success as a blogger and networker when someone takes the time to actually comment on a post that I write, or when someone actually comes back to visit the blog. I have even been fortunate enough to have another freelance writer who visits my blog pass me a lead for a really lucrative assignment. It's a pay-off from the networking that I did not expect and am grateful for.

  • Johanna

    My blog started as a way to market myself, but I quickly realized that thousands of followers were not going to randomly flock to my site. Over the last few months, my blog has evolved into a way to express myself to other like-minded individuals where I feel my creativity is acceptable and appreciated. I appreciate my followers and my commentors tremendously…it is like a little pat on the back every time someone comments.

    I also find that blogging is a great way to get experience and to help me continue to develop my voice. I LOVE IT!

  • JS

    Writing a blog to me is at times freedom of expression and at times an outlet to release the steam within. Frankly, I have never bothered whether it gets properly networked or not.

    The sheer platform is a blessing for me!

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