Is Writing and Publishing a Valuable Part to a Writer’s Life?

Yesterday’s post on writing and publishing asked the question: Is writing and publishing a valuable part to a writer’s life? What about content writing? For those who are writers you are probably thinking well really and you call yourself a writer?? No, before you go I have a letter writing bit for you to read:

If I were Queen of the World, Universe and Microorganisms:

We would order all bloggers to actually write about writing. We would also order what I had for dinner to be abolished from all blogs. We would make the blogs work as a microorganism… with a hive mind. Something like the Borg mind on Star Trek. Of course, we would be queen of said hive mind. Let the Queen not be displeased. The Queen wished her will be known throughout the land and beyond.

Okay off my high horse for a bit. Hope you Enjoyed that little bit. Humor is a great thing to have when you are writing and publishing. It is even more important to have when things get you down.

If you don’t have humor writing can be a bit of a chore. How often will you hear, not good enough and no sense of soul? Of course, some humor is good sometimes, but not all the time. Getting rejection after rejection shouldn’t be something that should be taken in a humorous tone, but with some thought, especially if all you’re getting are form letters.

I believe that publishing is a valuable tool to the writer. Not all writers of course some just want to write for themselves and a few close friends, but most want to write for a larger audience. I can’t decide this for you but I can certainly tell you what I want: To have one of my book sell on a regular basis, and reach the “tipping” point of 5,000 books for non-fiction.

I believe in this regard that writing and publishing are a valuable part of my writing life. To read all the methods of writing and publishing read yesterday’s writing and publishing post. To gain an even better perspective, I have something dear to my heart: content writing.

My Question for you today is this: What’s Valuable to you in your writing and publishing life?


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