Is Writing and Publishing a Valuable Part to a Writer’s Life?

This is the questions I ask myself a lot these days. Is writing and publishing a valuable part to a writer’s life? Should it be a part of my life? Is there other methods than writing and publishing?

Writing and publishing go hand in hand, especially if your goal is to become a professional writer. If you do then the question is what would you write that would be published?

Letter Writers: No, not your Christmas yearly card writers, but one who writers special and specific letters for pay for others. It can be as simple as a written card, all the way to a business letter for some one else. This would be ghostwriting at its finest. It’s a bit more work, for a little less pay but it is a valid way to write and publish, and it is a valuable part to a writer’s life.

Book Writers: By now you all probably know that this is a valuable part of writing and publishing and anyone who considers becoming a big player (sorry about the pun) will consider writing, non-fiction books and fiction books. This is natural but there is more. I am going to say this, I’ve said it before, so I’ll say ti again: Content is the most important thing to any writer, if it can’t help you then you can’t use it.

Publicists, Literary Agents, and Publishers: I include these here because they are all part of either the writing industry or the publishing industry or most likely both. Some writers work as literary agents, others, work as publicists, and still others work int he publishing industry. If you want to self-publish (or as some call it custom publish) you as the writer will do all three.

My Question for today is this: What does writing and publishing, as a unit mean in your writing life? What are the way that these things can help you?

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    letter writing I never thought of that to be something I'd want to do more than say a Christmas card, I see your point about it.

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