Creative Writing… to a Non-fiction Writing Piece?

I’ve asked myself many times if you write, why can’t the pieces of non-fiction be easy to read? I think I’ve found my answer. I write primarily in non-fiction, with three or four manuscripts in various stages. The one I’m most proud of is my writing on the Second World War, and the people who lived during this period. What is needed is a bit of creative writing magic. Of course, I took a creative writing course to imporve my writing skills.

These people were farmers, and for the most part their lives were about farming, which as many of us can imagine was very routine, and very “boring.” At least for a reader. This is not what they want to read, they want the “exciting” parts. Creative writing is to never change the facts, but how the facts are presented. (Taste, Smell, Touch, Sight… Sounds, what if, anything to make the reader think, this is creative writing)

The creative writing part was to make the routine of farming interesting as well. It can be in a more vivid and poetic form, something which I was amazed to learn can be done. ( Yes, I can be amazed! Thanks to Colin T. Mercer and his wonderful book “For Irish Eyes” for that help!)

I also gained some ideas from the wonderful book by Christy, all about self-publishing, which can be found on amazon. Great writing!

Still it pays in non-fiction to use a bit of creative writing. Make it more visual, with more sensory details, not simple dates and other information. These are important, but so is the content of the writing, and so is the style and so is the way the information is presented.

My question for you today is this: What sort of way will you write a non-fiction, which a bit more of creative writing or without?


  • Christy Pinheiro, EA ABA

    Hey Rebecca– adding spice to my writing is tough– which is why I love to collaborate. I love having input from a writer who is more creative than me. I typically have a business mind and I need help with the creative side.

    In my newest book about publishing (the one you mentioned– thanks for the plug)– Nick Russell is my co-author and he is as salty as a sailor– like most newspaper veterans. I loved woring with him and using his material.

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