Business Writing? I’ll never ever ever do THAT!

Trust me, yes you will. It’s called several things this business writing: marketing plans, query letters, speeches for public events, all part of the business of selling books. This is basic business writing.

Not quite what you were thinking, but sometimes, you need to think outside the box as the saying goes. I write this because if you think of your writing as a hobby, well you’ll never need to see the inside of a marketing plan ever. If you think of writing as a business, well a query letter and a marketing plan.

This is the basics of after/about publishing. You need to be a writer with many hats and the more you’re willing to learn the easier this whole publishing business will be. Of course it makes it easier, believe me, and you become more confident in yourself.

Yes, we all have 24 hours, and yes, it would be nice to have some time off, but at some point, it doesn’t matter want you want, it’s what you need to do to get that book to the editor, to the publisher… you get the idea.

So, My question for you today is this: Is business writing something in your future?


  • Damaria Senne

    Absolutely. Even if a publisher approaches me, or I decide to self-publish a book, I would still need to develop a marketing plan so i have a clear idea who I'm selling to, where i can find them and what I want to say to them etc.

  • Alissa

    If you want to make money as a writer than, you must look at your writing as a business. That means that business writing is a necessity, even if it isn't as much fun as creative writing. Since I am interested in making some money from my writing, business writing is part of my present and my future.

  • Brian, the old man

    Well, I would have to answer yes. I am not intimidated by this because of my background. The business side is pretty easy for me. It's knowing how to apply that knowledge that is important to me. I always try to keep the business end of my writing in the back of my mind as I am making decisions. Great article. You have made some excelllent points.

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