10 Must Haves For Publishing A Book

Why only Ten? Because on a Friday I can’t think of more, but of course there are more than 10 for publishing a book. That and it’s a new five part series, yes they are back!

1) A completed book: This might sound like a no-brainer, but really you need a completed book.

2) A Good Editor: Really anyone is great, except your relatives… that’s not so good.

3) A Good Plot and Characters: I know I know, but still it’s in the top ten isn’t it?

4) A Good Rewrite or Eight: How many drafts have I done??? Inkers? Hands up two three fifteen?

5) A Person to Reread the Book: This should be a friend who likes you, but who will be honest with you. Why a friend? If they can’t read no one else will

6) A Marketing Plan: Where’s this going to go? You’d better know as you’re writing a book

7) A Business Plan or at least some knowledge of the Industry: This way you know where to send a book, and best of all what is a good contract.

8) A Sense of Humor: Not in your writing necessarily, but in your quest to get the book published.

9) A Small Ego: Not pride, but none of us are J.K. Rowling, or have a last name of King… be willing to be proud of the book, but not so proud…

and last but not least

10) Knowledge of Your Book: You’d better know what your book will be about, but also what potential the book has. (Niche market, Big Traditional Publisher. etc.)

See you for the Start of the 5 part series.

My Question For Today is this: You Tell Me, what else is one you top ten?


  • Brian, the old man

    Rebecca, you have an excellent top ten list put together and at 2:30 in the morning it is hard for me to come up with another. I guess I would have to say dedication, to yourself, your work (writing), and to your prospective readers. I guess this goes hand in hand with resilience, your plan, and your knowledge. I believe you must choose to continue to be dedicated to your success and strive toward that end.

    Hope you have a great weekend and Happy Halloween.

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