P-A-S-S-I-O-N and Confidence And Publication Part 10 of 11

Can passion cause you to say this very thing? “I hate my writing, It sounds horrible!”

Yes, it can because we are people who sometimes come up with wonderful and fantastic ideas, get it down and then find that the idea wasn’t good, or it doesn’t work, and really you want to go on to the new thing in writing. Anyone heard of WIPF? (Work In Progress Forever) and the people who do that?

I know we all know them.

Day One: Hey I got a great idea! I’m busy writing it, it’s so cool… ( Insert entire book then and there)

Day Five: I got some ideas, but they really don’t relate to the book I told you about but I’m starting the new book, oh I’ll get the draft of the first book done.

Day Ten: Another new idea, starting another new book. Book One mid way, Book Two a bit beyond outlining, if that far.

Day Twenty: Another idea, another idea, and a couple more books, Book one “completed” book two half way to bad.

Day Forty: Begs and Begs and BEGS you to read it. You can’t say no, or haven’t found a way to say know. (I’ve got a friend like this, and believe me, no is actually very easy now after reading about 5 of their written “bestselling novels.” Okay, while my spelling and grammar is bad, but still I can see all of theirs and more, mind you it does help my writing.)

Day One: Again comes up with a new book idea, and the last three or four others are in various states of finished. They will possibly remain that way, with a variety of excuses. In some cases, they even get sent out.

This is not the way to write. I think we can all agree on that one. It is also not the way to end a book. Of course should a book ever be a success that remotely looks like one of their books, they are the first to scream murder!

Can you list the excuses? (And they are excuses)

It is the writer who keeps new ideas at bay until something is complete a better writer? Well that depends as well.

Day One: Great idea, starts outlining.

Day Twenty: Still working on detailed outline.

Day Forty: Beginning of book.

Day Eighty: Chapter One completed and edited.

Day 150: Chapter Two completed and edited.

Day 450: Begins to reedit the entire book.

Day 750: Finds something that doesn’t follow/flow/ eye colour of character incorrect and reedits book.

Get the idea?

In this case a bit of passion and confidence would certainly get this book on a publisher’s desk, everything and beyond has been done, and well I think in this case unless there is a very valid reason to take so long, there could be other things that this writer can do, blogs, articles, another story/book/ anything.

My Question for you today is this: Do you know people in both cases? And what do you tell them?

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  • JS

    Well, well, well! Quite an introspection I must say.

    I would tell the first set of people to start meditating to transform their nystagmic focus into a centered one.

    The second set of people I won't approach because they are already ahead of me as writers.