Is Writing Non-Fiction Boring? Part 13 of 15

I’ll argue the point in a few minutes, but for now let me just say that I believe it’s possible that non-fiction can be fun. It’s also my mind working overtime. For the record 1 book almost complete and second book begun. Ha! (the ha is for the other person writing the 3:21, you know who you are… saying I can’t get it done…)

At any rate a challenge is a challenge and far be it for me not to accept it. I am driven I must say. September 30th with a final draft to my beloved editor Rachel. I might add she is also a publicist, and literary agent. ( She’ll probably kill me for this one but, go and see gal-Friday on the sidebar. Fiction manuscripts can be sent through me at my email address above. There saved my hide!)

The three other books are well on their way.

I also need to thank Christy, if you are thinking of publishing she has a wealth of information for you. She was kind enough to call me, and give me some great tips which by the way have really taken my writing to a new level.

Almost done, almost done. If you haven’t’ had the chance, I’ve got a couple of none fiction pieces for you to read.

Self-Publishing and a commentary on Vanity Presses and Self-Publishing (Okay gang I know you already know I’m not to big on the AuthorHouse or other companies like them, and you know which ones I think they are. if not read them and you will find out)

My Take on Fantasy

I am of course always the optimist when it comes to writing and publishing. I believe that writers are meant to write, but I also believe that writers should at some point take it to the next level and be published while branching out.

My Question for you today: With all the information about publishing out there what do you want to do and where would you go? ( you can base it on non-fiction or on fiction, but dream big.

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  • Damaria Senne

    dreaming big: A deal with a South African publisher comes through, allowing me to publish a couple of teen novels. This buys me time/capacity/confidence to finish and sell one of my novels to a traditional, international publisher. I scale down on client writing, and spend more time writing books. Occasional non-fiction book if i'm so inclined completes the picture.