Is Writing Non-Fiction Boring? Part 11 of 15

If you’re looking for the thanks you on yesterday’s post, scroll down. If I missed someone, don’t feel bad I didn’t mean that are so many!

Back to non fiction.. it can be fun, but how what makes it fun?

Well, in one sense but then we begin to get into the finer points: self-publishing and publishing. One writer loves the idea of self-publishing and other would never, ever, ever think of it.

I think the important thing is that both are alternatives. I also think that for non-fiction a self-published book is a better option than trying to get a fiction book sold in a self-publishing, well that is harder. But what to you is self-publishing?

Ah, the great debate. Still non-fiction is a wonderful thing, there are so many types to go with from biography and self-help book to history and geography. What’s your favorite?

Also there are hundreds of way to write a non-fiction book. I love writing creative non-fiction the type that speaks to the writer and to the reader. By this point you’re probably saying “Rebecca Emrich you are nuts! writers AND readers?”

Well think about it, writers tend to read books as well don’t they? Writers will also quote from other writers don’t they? So, both readers and writers will read non-fiction. It helps to read a non-fiction book to help with fiction.

Think of it this way a historical fiction, with non research… hm, it might not be as “real” but readers probably won’t read on. We are a picky bunch. Writing non-fiction isn’t boring just a challenge.

My Question For you today is this:

What do you feel non-fiction can help you in your writing?


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