When Writing Think Small?! What Are You NUTS?!? Part 9 of 9

Well this is the last of our adventures and the fun we’re having, but I’ve got one last adventure, outer space! No, really, what’s that old saying if you aim for the moon you’ll land in the stars or is it the other way around? Not to worry I got it all set out, you can pay me back with royalties from your mega selling book. But we’ll need to get some training and experience, so off to zero gravity environment.

Look, come on now this is the last adventure, you can’t walk out on me we’ve come so far! Just zero gravity, kind of similar to publishing. Got your attention? Good. Really all we want as writers is to be acknowledged for our efforts,and for our work to get some financial security. Although there are some days when the publishing industry feels like heading into a zero gravity environment.

You have some control, not much, but you do have some control, and that is what most writers tend to forget when dealing with all kinds of publishing options. First there is the editor then the marketing guru and then publishing and inventory and all the wonderful things one never thinks about while writing. Of course we always think about publishing but not what it means.

I’m not suggesting by any means how people should publish, but that there are times when no matter which way you go it feels both in control and overwhelming. Not a great combination if you don’t expect it. But like in zero-gravity in space, go with the flow and enjoy the view. I found this effective when dealing with tons of editing, and tons of work and then a marketing plan! what were we expecting… we’re only at lift off. Lift off as we all know is the hardest part.

Naturally sometimes, we all want to say the start of a fairy tale… “once upon a time” there was a writer who did everything, but not all. They forgot to market their books, they forgot to plan ahead and upon lift off they couldn’t do what they needed to do. Get the book published.Unfortunately, for them, the book remained in the drawer as there is no fairy godmother, and no magic, as the writer makes the magic. And, sometimes, the magic doesn’t work. Or at it doesn’t work if the writer doesn’t work. Still the sad part of this unhappy tale is that the writer blamed everyone else… but themselves. They didn’t give me the magic they said, but really they always had it They simply lost it.Okay, in all seriousness, when writing think small, at least in terms of each day, if 15 minutes a day is to little challenge yourself, and get it done, but if 15 minutes is to much, challenge yourself anyways. In 15 minutes 400 words can be written and after a while, a whole novel, and 15 minutes of editing means one or two pages a day, and by the end of a year you’ll have a great novel.For those who want a challenge why not do more? Do more. When you get stuck, do 15 minutes, but think in both big and small terms.My Question for you today is this: What sort of dreams do you have for your book, and with the previous post, what will it take to get you there?

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