When Writing Think Small?! What Are You NUTS?!? Part 4 of 9

I have to admit there are many days when thinking big certainly helps my psyche,and my ego. In ways it makes me feel I can climb the highest mountain and the do anything I think my little heart and mind will allow me to do. But I am a realist. I know that there are also some days when nothing can possibly go right.

Or at least so it seems. The children want attention, and so does my editing. My work in progress fiction needs more chapters, and some cuts. I need to kill off a darling character. It’s simply not working. I try and edit, but the children want something. Or my friends need something, namely my time, which with two little ones under the age of four is at a premium. (And makes it all the harder since it is only me and them.) and time is what is needed for writing.

It can be a worrying cycle. The time to take form writing means less money, which adds to worry which adds to bad humor, which well, you get the idea. For some writers it is enough to make them quit.

Of course, it doesn’t need to be this way. One the days when it gets to hard there is always something else you can do. After all, there is nothing to fear, and the work will get done, it’s just a matter of looking at work a bit differently. I will sometime go into my “idea book” an inexpensive notebook where I’ve written observations and insights, comments and what if questions.

For the most part it allows me to get back on track. it’s the other non writer’s blocks that can destroy a writer. My most favorite word? NO. (add you won emphasis on it)

No, I don’t want to go see another movie, I don’t like them. I do, but they aren’t important my work is.

No, I don’t want to talk right now, I need to write. If it is really important feel free to call me back, talking about a date you just had isn’t.

No, I’m not sitting at that computer, I work at “that computer.” it’s called a job for a reason.

The list can most certainly go on. For some writers that word “no” doesn’t come easy, if at all. I think it’s because as writers, be are programmed to say yes, even as people we are. we want to please and we want to do the best we can. In this case the best we can is probably saying no to other less important outside distractions. Sure, people will get mad, or offended or whatever. I say, when it comes to writing, no is a good thing, it’s gets my work done.

The highest mountain can be climbed and there are a few things that are needed along the way, and in this case writer’s block isn’t one of them. Saying no to unimportant things is. By The way has anyone seen a god movie lately? I haven’t… I’ve said no to movies, unless the work is done.

So, we can go on that mountain? How about a little hill? We’ll be writing all the way, and you don’t even need to say no. Just write.

My Question for you today is this: Wat is the biggest outside time stealer in your life? Is it a person or a thing? And, is it/they really important? ( Kids are important, so I don’t want to see them come up on this list… although there are some days when I do wonder myself!)

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  • JS

    I don't know why, but while reading this piece, my heart was pounding. I could palpate a hurried feeling within all the while I went through this write-up, a kind of restlessness. Is it just my feeling or you too were galloping while penning this down?

    Can't find an answer!

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