When Writing Think Small?! What Are You NUTS?!? Part 4 of 9

Alright so, we’ve gone bird watching, heleo-skiing (can some fill me in on the correct spelling, I’ve heard three version thereof) and hiking, how about going to Africa? I love the idea of going on safari, really it’s not as hard as you think, simply get a guide who knows the area, who can preferably speak a language one can understand ( since I speak both English and French and my German is passable, it’s a thing of which language can I find. Things might be different for you.) Still, a guide who knows the areas, and could find lions and leopards,and elephants and great photo spots. Still a bit of research on your part helps, the airlines, and hotels, and countries. Not hard really.

That’s a simple way of putting it, after all, it’s seems rather fun. It’s the same concept with writing, even the tallest mountain is easy if one does a bit of background work to begin with. In essence I think that writer’s block comes directly from a bit of everything, ego, and thinking that you are at a different level than you really are. The reality is that for someone who is new, 15 minutes of writing on one subject is a bit daunting, but for someone who’s been writing for years it’s laughable.

It’s all dependant on what you feel you can do. At the same time, when hard times as writers happen it doesn’t mean you stop, perhaps a change of medium or even location, i love laptops for that reason, they are light and they move. Easy, or better yet pen and napkin work wonders, although don’t try to read it afterwards.

Some days it’s easier to say I’ll do it later, I’ve tons of things to do, but face it now, this is a job like any other job, or least if you make it such, and often there is no calling in sick. All that is required is 15 minutes each day. That’s all, pretty simple right?

So, what are we waiting for? Off to the safari we go, this time with a bit of help.

My question for you today is this: what do you do when the going gets hard and you are in doubt? Does it help to think just 15 minutes or do you have another great method?


  • Christy Pinheiro, EA ABA

    When I get burnt-out (like I did today, after slogging through edits on two manuscripts on restuarant management UGH!), I take the toddler route.

    I take naps.

    My 3-year old was upstars napping and just joined him. Two hours later, I was refreshed and ready to go!

    Ahhhhh, sleep.If I could sleep 10 hours a day, I would. I swear it's the best cure for depression, the munchies, or any other bad habit. You can't get into any trouble while you're snoozing!

  • B.J. Anderson

    I just keep going. Sometimes it bites me in the behind, but a lot of times I get some really great stuff out of it and I get my confidence back. That doesn't mean I don't take breaks, but sometimes just pushing through is the best way to get over everything that's nagging me and causing me doubt.

  • Ann Victor

    Short term burnout: I meditate

    Long term burnout: I wait it out and angst all the time! Eventually the Muse returns, often more inspired then if I hadn't had the complete break.

    And – yes! – come on safari to Africa; South Africa in particular. We have 11 official languages and plenty of lions, elephants and cheetahs in the bushveldt and in 2010 we have the World Cup Soccer. Laduuuuuummmma! (means "goaaaaaaaaal:) The only dangers in the cities are the cars and taxicabs!

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