There’s Something About Writing. and Writing a blog

Does writing increase your passion for the art of writing?
Do you want to write when nothing else seems to go right?

 What is writing with confident passion in writing? 

Why would we, as writers want to write with confident passion?

If not doing so already, how do we start to write that way?

Passionate writing simply means that you love what you are doing.  In other words what you are writing about.  This might not mean that you will be published, but it means that you love what you are doing at the moment your are doing it.

It also means that you are focused on publishing something of value to people.  This can mean that you are writing a blog, and aiming to improve upon it, but it can also mean that you are working towards a meaningful book.

We need to be published.  In fact if we are writing a blog we are already publishing, and this is a harsh burden to bear if we are not passionate about our writing.  This does mean that we work hard.  This also means we have fun with our writing.

We also need to follow our dreams.


  • jenniferneri

    Oh, what a topic!

    What is writing without passion? Only words! Nothing more!

    Ah, confident passion! A masterpiece is created! Sorry for being so cheese, but it is truth!

    As to your last question, I think each writer has that passion, otherwise why write, the need would not exist, and one does not choose to write (silly, who would want to work alone for virtually no money). It is only left to find it if you have not already. The confidence has to come with knowing that you are only using your talent.

  • brittany michelle

    i am very VERY excited for this series. the passion might get me in the mood to write, but the confident passion is what keeps me going. i wouldn't continue if i didn't see the potential of a piece and feel confident that even though it might be hard, i can get my writing to that point.

  • JS

    Passion drives the desire to do the thing you are passionate about…in my case writing. Writing on your passion, with passion, brings out the best piece.

    We do write on things we are not so passionate about, but that is when we are doing it solely for bread and butter…like in a job where it becomes a duty to write on that topic.

    However, nothing can match a passage written with passion.

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