Self-Publishing? Is It A Great Divide? Part 8 of 12

Welcome to all the new guests we have on this blog, great to have you, join in the fun! Feel free to add comments and suggestions as needed. Or email me with them. So I’ve done some research into the ever popular Lighting Source.

Interesting, and informative. I got some fairly interesting emails in regards to self-publishing most of them in reference to Xlibris… okay if you want to know the prices go to their website, seriously, I was talking upper levels not the bottom ones! Still, it does make sense for my next little bit.

Someone told me in an email that all they want to do is write, and that is one of the reasons they are thinking of going to self-publish. Might I remind everyone that writing a book or anything really is more than just writing. It is a business, and all the connection you make are a part of that. Don’t do that. If you write, and you want to publish you need to think about what your audience is. Who your audience is. Where your audience is.

Got you there didn’t I? What is your audiencem rather who are your readers to your blog and how can they improve your writing so you make money?

Friends and close family? A larger group you know? More than that? If it’s small I’d go and check Lightening Source, although I didn’t get prices, it is the place where many of the self-publishing companies go.

The website is simple. But again no prices.That is because Lighting Source is not a publisher, but rather a printer, and they will print your books.  That is all.

I still think that self-publishing isn’t for everyone just as traditional publishing isn’t for everyone. Lighting Source seems a good way. Again this is a business as with all other aspects to the writing industry. We may all want to write, but we all need to know where our writing is going and who it is aimed for.

I think that some people go to the self-publishing industry with unrealistic expectations, a first draft that could use a lot of work, which is why many stress that you will need to improve your writing, and then by the company they go to accepting it, they feel good. Others go because they have gotten many many rejection letters, and simply can’t deal with more. Still others… and the list goes on.

Yet, at the same time, writers in this position should take a second look, especially those in the second example, the writers with rejection letters, I know it’s hard to look at them, but try to. Are they personalized? Do they Offer suggestions? These, believe it or not are good ones, a bit more work and… you might have a traditionally published book your hands, still you’ll need to do a lot of work, but after all this is a business.

My question for you today is this: where do you want your writing to go– will you self-publish your work? What aspects need changing? Is somewhere such as Lighting Source an idea for you?

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