How to Market and Publish, Shakespeare Style, Part 8 of 10

Writing and Marketing go hand and hand, just like welcoming all the new people, take some time and look through this blog. You can almost tell when someone is getting serious with their blog, and thinks of it in a different light. Go on go ahead, look through, you’ll see what I mean.

Good, welcome back. Now, please stop laughing, I know I wasn’t the greatest blogger in the beginning. Then it dawned on me, I need to get smart, people will come and look at my blog and make impressions about it in LESS than 5 seconds. Ouch, needs work. It probably still does, but I’m not complaining. It really is a part of marketing. I’m working on it and my book. it’s a work in progress. Same as the brand new mentor group. As I’m away I’m not getting as much time to comment on other’s blogs, sorry. I’m back at home on July seventeenth. Just me and the computer and no kids. Guess how much work I get done???

This is all a part of connections in marketing. Work, and trust. More trust I’d imagine, but it’s fun job writing. It’s better when you make a decision to write better. I’m sure all the authors I’ve covered went through this very thing. The children and other family commitments, and their own mind to have them wish that their work was better, some way, some how.

I’ve recently looked into the many ways one can connect and one of the best is blogged. Now, it’s fairly easy. One proviso though, slightly addictive, so I would suggest to make it as automated as possible for yourself. It’s a good place to go as there are hundreds of great writing blogs there. Go there and check it out. It helped me a lot and I still go there. Thanks to Marnie for this one. You can see her blog if you check out the right side where I list my links.

My question for today is this: How do you make the connection to writing and marketing and people?


  • Margaret Elmendorf

    Well I am not a writer so to speak but I have just started my blog. I feel like to make the connection to writing and marketing and people is to try to write what people want to know about. I write about animals so I am trying to write about subjects an animal person would be interested in learning.

  • PrettySiren

    Rebecca, how I've missed your blog! I've been sick and it's left me little leave to actually write and blog, sadly. But I'm back now (and with a vengeance, if possible. lol)

    Well, I think the biggest bit of marketing writing is to realize that your writing is a product. Even if it's a blog, and no one actually has to PAY to see it, it's still a product and a business; and it should be treated as such.

    One of the best examples I can think of for writers marketing their book is Holly Lisle. Holly writes primarily fantasy and scifi. She has a knack for explaining the mechanics of writing in a fun and interesting manner, which is a talent. But she's also an expert marketer. She literally worked herself from the ground up to get where she is today, and one of the best ways she's done that, in my opinion, his through her website and blog.

    What Holly does is she realizes her writing is a business. And aside of her fiction works, she offers another product: gobs of free nonfiction of ranging from how to create characters, to the business of writing. In other words, she gives writers what they want to read. She offers them a very attainable product that interests them that they can use. Very clever.

    And that's what I try (on a lesser scale, admittedly — so far)at Prompt Romp. And I'm learning, but it's all part of the process, as I'm sure you've learned Rebecca. I've been following your blog awhile now and you've definitely got a knack for marketing, which is really key. You understand that it's a business, whether it's for monetary profit or not.

    And on a related note, my blog should be up on Blogged now. I know you were wondering why it wasn't up yet (I was too), but it seems to be up. Other people have viewed it and it appears to be up from my end. So, yay! lol

    Great post, btw. I really think marketing is an issue more writers need to be aware of, and it's only something I've discovered myself about five months ago.

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