How to Market and Publish, Shakespeare Style Part 4 of 10

Welcome to all who are new, as you can see the title might have brought you in, but the people who I mention are vital to marketing and publishing. Their works stand the test of time, and by this test people enjoy the writing and books all the more.

More recent authors will say in interviews who their favorite writer is. Often you can hear them say, oh my English teacher or some other person who taught them to write. Sometimes there are a few gems. One writer said they loved the work of Byron, and how his life mimicked his art. He wrote incredible poems and the future seemed bright.

He wrote more than was possible for one man, and his life of adventures (you can pick up any biography to get the idea of what this man did.) yet he wrote hundreds of poems and long poems that one could argue was a short story!

what drove this man to write? It wasn’t the daily organizational tasks where he could sit down at a desk and type and work all day. He possibly wrote thousands of drafts and rewrote poems that breath fire.

People read his poems and talk and shared. Byron made a connection to people, he didn’t market, but he made people think, laugh and cry and just be all out wonderful in writing.

My question for you today is this: what would you go through to make people want to read your writing and for you write more than you thought possible?

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