Retreats and Mentoring in Writing Part 6 of 15

Welcome to all the new Followers, great to have you here. Comments are welcome. Retreats and Mentoring is one of the many series I do so take some time to look at the other series I’ve done, and comment on them.

I had a mini retreat of sorts yesterday with a couple of friends. You all know the ones, I’ve always longed to write, but don’t (Insert excuse here) followed usually by how come you have all this time. For the record I don’t. I have twenty-four (is it only twenty-four???) hours like everyone else. I procrastinate and double think myself like everyone else. But the main difference, is that I keep at it. Everyday.

My excuses are limited to it’s now 3am in the morning and knowing that my kids will be up soon I should get some sleep. I think the biggest difference came when I began to explain the things I was taught to them. I rewrite I’m realistic about my abilities, which is why I have an editor.but the main thing is that I listen to what people tell me. Most of the time, as in I won’t listen to simple “this is bad. Cut this. This character is bad” Anyone see why I would dismiss this? No reason.

I can say that is there is no reason to be critical it’s just being mean. Or one has a lack of real critiquing powers. That’s the neat thing about writing classes they require you to critique in the proper form, as in give some reasons behind your comments and helpful suggestions.

I tried to do that with them. Why do you want to write. Well, because but my English teacher said my grammar was bad. Oh how many drafts of your essay did you do? well, I always did it the night before (been there done that to). Really and did you check it other than spell check? no. You can write, but it takes time. Oh. But this author didn’t. Does this author have a lot of followers and reviewers. No not really, but i heard about on the net. Ah, is the net always correct? no. Do you think you want to write? Yes. Think of yourself in this light whatever you write is a published work, not copyrighted. Everything? yes, still want to write. Ah, well I write on Facebook. That’s a start. Should I blog? You could, but do you wan to write a short story or novel. Well, I never thought that far ahead. Keep thinking, but do something.

That’s the best thing about writing retreats they made me think of why and when I write. It most certainly can’t be the day before. You always need to keep writing. And you need to be dedicated and willing to rewrite. A lot.

My question to you: Do you have friends like mine who long to write and always tell you about it? What do you say to them?


  • jenniferneri

    Ha! I know almost no writers,and certainly no aspiring writers! I developed one close friend at a writing workshop, but our actual shop time together is limited. Usually it's kids time…

  • Marnie Elizabeth

    I'm right there with Jennifer. I only know two other "writers" One was my college roommate, who wrote new fiction every single day. It was really intimidating and actually shied me away from writing. I was the one making the excuses at that time and I thought I'd never be able to create on that level.

    I'm starting to think that for some people who make excuses, you've got to let them have that. I made lots of excuses for a long time and I now realize I just wasn't in a place in my life where I had my voice or felt inspired. I think everyone gets there at their own pace.

  • NotablyIndigo

    As a hobby-writer myself, I'm also friends with a lot of aspiring authors. When they're struggling with their work, I do what I would want them to do for me: I ask as many clarifying questions about their characters and/or plot as I can and pose a lot of hypotheticals that force them to really consider the heart of their story and the natures of the people they're writing about. It usually helps at least a bit. 🙂
    Good luck with your book!

  • Rob

    Some of my friends have sparked an interest in writing. I just tell them to keep writing because writing, when you have a good day, is so much fun.

  • Rebecca

    I should add to my last comment now that most people have commented.
    One of the guys who I was referring to read the blog later. Boy did he laugh, but he admits now that he loves to think of money, and he's not sure if working as a writer would give him enough. I took Rob's and Marnie's advice and said nothing. ( by the way, check out Rob's and Marnie's Bolgs they are great) i think I surprised him.

  • PrettySiren

    Yeah, I definitely have friends who who want to write and tell me their stories. I've had friends verbally tell me novel-length stories before that they "want" to write. When it's finished, I tell them that if they'd been typing instead of talking, they'd have a novel on their hands. lol

    But the majority of my friends are writers who've written before and have an idea brewing, but just are writing it yet for whatever reason. And to them I say: "I will kick you in the pants if I don't see that story soon." In humor, of course.

  • cosmic creepers

    i've got a few friends that write for fun to express crazy ideas they come up with, but the majority of my friends are really just a place i go to get ideas. i think that writer friends are great, but friends that let you just talk about crazy stuff until you strike golden writing ideas are great. they actually start me writing. i think you need "experts" and "novices" when it comes to friends for writing.

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