Writing and Publishing and Writing

I think it is safe to say that there is a cycle in a writer’s journey. A very long cycle that never seems to end.

You write all day, and get a short story or novel completed over the course of a few months. Than comes the edits: changing the outlines the story the characters, the plot, the sentence structure, and edit some more. After that you begin the task of sending the manuscript out to literary agents which you’ve carefully chosen and learned about. Then the wait. Then you hear that the manuscript is accepted. Off to the publishers. Out to bookstores. Marketing, and book signings. And more marketing and Book signings and speaking engagements and make and greets.

All the while you are writing something else. Fun isn’t it?

Would it be easier to publish through a self-publishing company? Possibly. Faster? Yes. Better… not sure. it depends on how much you’re willing to make your book better on your own.

You need to be willing to say that the book is good and done. That whatever you’ve done to correct it… while, that’s what a good editor and publisher are for, they tell you if it’s good enough or not.

I suspect that most people are willing to pay the price to be a better writer and to be a published author with the best manuscript they can get. No matter which route they take and how long it takes them.

To the Journey!


  • JS

    I have come across a writer who sells tea on a pavement. He is a one man army when it comes to writing, publishing and marketing. He writes himself, has his own publishing name and markets the book himself by visiting schools and colleges besides selling his books alongside his tea stall.

    He has somwhat changed my perception towards complaining about not getting opportunities or resources. His work and efforts tell me that it's all in the mind, whether its writing or publishing.

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