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I’ve touched on this subject a number of times before, that of writing classes and how they might be able to help you. I’ve found some to be helpful and some not so much. I think it has to do with the class dynamics, as well as your own writing ability.

I’ve gone to three different online writing classes, one from New York called Gotham Writers. They offer writing classes online, which is great for me since I live in in Canada and many of the writing classes can be found in the United States. I’ve taken a number of classes through them, and for the most part found them helpful. The teachers are good, and for the most part the class gives a lot of good advice. The one thing that I found though in the last class, was that ( this happens more often than I expected… coming from some others as well) some people are simply there to complain.

There is a rule, in many online courses, that you should give constructive criticism, and comments, in an effort to make the person’s writing better. It works provided each person looks for making some concrete comments. The last one, if anyone would make comments it was to complain and point out how their writing was better. I wish it wasn’t that way, or that the teacher would have put a stop to it, but they didn’t… to bad really.

Another I’ve gone to is writer’s online workshops, again great classes, small size, the teachers comments were always good. I will recommend it to anyone just starting out. The one thing that I will say is that, Often times, it is only the teacher who comments on your work, but that helps a lot. Especially since they have really good teachers. There isn’t really something for more advanced people, but I’m sure they are working towards that.

I’ve gone to Booming Ground, which is at UBC, and it is a university based program. The mentor I had was excellent, and I am planning to attend again, once I do all the comments and suggestions that I received..

Take a writing class, as it will certainly help your own writing. I am glad I took one, just be careful of what people say, and don’t take everything to heart.

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  • Koala Bear Writer

    I agree with you on writing courses, that the experience you have depends on the other writers in the course. I’ve always said that I learn as much from the other writers as from the instructor. That’s neat to hear you recommend Booming Ground – I’ve been considering UBC.

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