Re: Publishing Goals and Deleted Entries

On why a comment is deleted:

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Recently on living a life of writing we’ve had some great comments. There have been a lot of fun and different blog posts come up.  However, this being said, there have also been several personal attacks which have been deleted.  One was a comment made by an anonymous writer.  

This being said, this is where the post in question came from.  It’s on the longer side, and it did have a few things which could be helped.

There are three important points this person made.

One, You did say you were aghast at the writing and the website in general.  I agree to an extent. I could do so much better. The layout is an obvious template and something which can be fixed.  Thank you for the suggestion

Two, You asked about grammar and other facts in regards to writing.  Most people aren’t willing to discuss or be open about writing and improving their writing.  At least not from an anonymous source.

Three, You took the time to point out several broken links, and also load time suggestions. Many will be implemented. It took courage, after a fashion. You went by anonymous, so in a sense you hid from your convictions.

However, I will tell you what made the group vote to delete it. There were two things:

One: In no part of the blog post you made your comment on, did I mention I am a woman, nor should it have any bearings. To suggest that my failure to be a writer comes from the fact I am a woman has no bearings on the comment.  I’ve since mentioned in another post my gender, so again people know about it.

Two: Your comment on how I will never be published since I write “junk.” I’ve chosen to no use your exact wording. You made your point well, until you decided to attack a person based on gender and also based on income. To add to this, see point one, as the reason why comments are deleted. I understand some people will think that it was deleted because of critiques but it is how it was worded which made it offensive to many.


  • Anonymous

    Two sentences from your blog:

    “First off I am a woman, not a man…” (11 May, 2009)

    “In no part of this blog did I mention I am a woman, nor should it have any bearings.” (12 May, 2009)

  • James

    I think you have much work to do one your blog.

    The premise is good, but you need to rethink a few things. I am gald you put lables up.

    These are all cosmectic. Check for grammar and words that are correct in terms of speeling but not meaning.

    Try and make longer entires, well thought out that seem to be written on something at least once before. Sometimes it seems your entry is a draft.

    Take time to reread. You have potential, but not quite there. If you wnat to be published think of this as a first “published” blog. People will look to this blog if your books or whatever are published.

    Content, to give a cliche, is King.