Is Fiction a Type of Fabrication? Part 8 of 10

To those who just joined us, welcome. Please read the email that started this series. It is located in part one. Comments are welcomed, either for or against what I am suggesting. We’re down to the last few blogs for this series, I’ve posted a blog a couple of days back, wanting your suggestions, feel free. Before the next series, I’ll be posting a number of great blog I’ve found, and why.. if there are any you want in that list tell.

I’m in the middle of the final days of editing my non-fiction book. As much as I’m enjoying it, and I do, I’m longing to get right back to my fiction. I suspect that it is a passion of mine, to create and to write a fiction novel. I’m leaning in the literary genre, but I’m a bit nervous about it.

It’s fiction, I know, and that gives me a bit more leeway to writing. Not publishing, mind you. I think of that. From what I understand, and I could be wrong, it is harder to break into fiction, but once established it comes easier. It takes hard work though. I’d love to be published in both fiction and non-fiction.

While my true love is fantasy and science-fiction, I do like any good fiction novel. it seems that they keep my interest, and allow my imagination to soar. Of course so does non-fiction, but in a different way. I envision a book, fiction of course, in a bookstore with my name on it. I also envision sitting for book signings. Should be interesting.

Either way, the road to publishing fiction is different than it is for non-fiction. The process is the same, but the agents, publishers, and imprints are different. What I can say is that there is a sort of life to writing and publishing in fiction that is unique to it. I suspect that once my novel is completed I’ll find out.

My question for the day is: would you want to publish in fiction or in non-fiction first?


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