Is Fiction A Type of Fabrication? Part 10 of 10

To all those who just joined us welcome. This is the last of the ten part series, and it’s been fun. Feel free to add comments to the posts. If you’re looking for the email that began this series, please check Is fiction a type of fabrication part 1. It’s under the label as Fiction Debate, to make things easier for you.

As with all writing there is a time when things go back full circle. As anyone who writes, you complete your manuscript send it out (hopefully!) and get it published. Then what comes next? In a way it’s easy.

You’re a published author it might be your first book or it might be your tenth… you go out and market your book, author signing, public speaking, get the word out for the book. Some authors love this and other want to go back to the thing they love. Writing.

To me it makes sense that you need to write all the time, and build on the book that you’ve worked so hard on. In a sense once the fiction book is out of your hands, it goes to the reader and becomes their book. What is an author to do?

For me there is one idea, that unless you get about a billion dollars on your book, and only wanted the money, than the best part doesn’t apply, write a new book.

I think that Journaling out a new fiction book is what helps me the best, I draw and doodle a place or time or event. Then I write it out: The place the people, the main characters. I think I journal more in the earlier stages of a book than in the later stages.

Then it is down to the draft and the writing, I write long hand, on paper and then on the computer. Once again it will be back for editing and then to publication. It’s back to the start after this again.

Don’t think that fiction doesn’t require work or thinking by both reader and writer? I’ll simply say: Think again.

My question for today is: Of all the things you need to do with fiction to make a book, what is your favorite part?

After all this I’ll send you off to my other blog… to see what topic my non-fiction is about


  • PrettySiren

    For me, writing the very first draft is my favorite part. The ideas are still fresh and new in my head — it’s just very exciting.

    Like you, I also draw scenes and characters out. In the series I’m working on, I know every detail about my characters lives. They’ve been with me five years now, and they really have personalities of their own.

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