Writing and Publishing: Avoid Going Nuts with These Publishing Companies

I love hearing from you all and it’s will be fun to find out what you think of my journey to an author. Let me explain to the new people, I am a writer, as in it is one of my many jobs which I do. I am not yet an author, as an author is a published writer.

Should you self-publish?  If you intend to self-publish you must be aware of the dangers of being to eager to go with any one self-publishing company that takes too much of an interest in your work.  I learned the hard way that my writing is not all that good and that I need to really work at how my ego takes a bit of a journey.

I almost fell into the trap that many self-published authors fall into- buying or spending way too much on a publishing package from a vanity press.  There are good self-publishing companies out there I am sure but in this case I need to find them in a decent time frame.

Now I am not too worried about what people might think of what I write but rather how they read what i write.  That is the mark, I think of a good self-published book– but beware of certain publishers no matter what.
  Sometimes all you need to do is just say thanks…..

What I’m reading these days:

First Draft in 30 days… Some great outlining techniques. Worth a try! I am sure it will help me in the fiction arena but not really in the non-fiction.

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