Writing and Publishing: A View on Improving

This is something I have never really thought about: self-publishing my own book.  Not that I wanted to have my book wildly popular but rather I am trying to find out what self-publishing has to offer.  I am not sure if I will go with the big self-publishing houses, as they don’t seem to fit my needs.

What I do need is a really good editor.  Publishers want to see a good book, which means you have to edit this book.  This also means that I have to edit my work a lot more.  This goes for my blog and what I do as posting. 

Is it in a way about making money?  I think that people, all writers want to make money and have some success, but the more important thing is that the success that they have comes with some joy and a means that they can continue their writer’s life.

I also think that your first published book needs improving on and that you are the only one who can find an editor to do this.  it is your book, and you have to publish it and write it and you need some help. I think that is the main message that I need to work with when I write.

What I’m Reading:

Reading Jack Whyte and his awesome novel The Skystone. Really good, this surprised me since I never expected to find such a good book about Britain and the Roman Empire all in one, and the Arthurian Legend to boot! Recommend to your friends!

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