Writing and all that Music

I find that writing is a great way to pass the time, and to also do some work. I enjoy working in silence where it is simply the sounds of my keyboards or the pen on paper sound. Then there are days when I want noise, not background noise but music kinds of noise.

Say for example Motown or the Beatles. My personal favourites are the Forrest Gump Soundtrack or the Beatles White Album. I’m not into the classical music but I will occasionally listen to Bach. Depending on the song, my writing is either better or worse. I made a point of rechecking my work after and comparing it, and often I like it better.

It’s hard not to enjoy the Music of Rolling Stones, or of the Temptations, and it seems to make my own writing stronger.

If you had to decide on a place and time to listen to music while writing what would you listen to.

I forgot to mention that it is more fun think about publishing with Music in the background to. But I wouldn’t listen to teh blues.

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