When is it Going to be Published?

Day 12:

If I hear that question after I tell someone that the draft is almost done, I’ll… explain it to them politely it takes longer than they think.

If all goes well, I should have a usable draft by the end of the month. Meaning that each chapter is complete, and at least three of them are edited to make it better. Than I’ll be editing the rest. In that process, my aim is to send it out to traditional publishers, this might take longer but it will give me a sense of pride that I became a published author.

It doesn’t take much to write, Just hours each day. I spend most of my time in front of the computer typing. And typing some more. I find that the day is spent doing some reading and than more writing.

What I’m Reading:

For a sense of narrative, I’m reading the Last days of Glory. By Tony Rennell. This is regarding the final days of Queen Victoria and how the people surrounding her reacted to her death. This is written in such a way that I’m never feeling that the historical facts are being poured upon me.

I like it and would recommend it.

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