I think I can. Write.

Day 21:

I’ve been pushing myself to write a bit each day. I feel it is important to do this. Not because I want to, more like I need to. I need to get this book done, I have 40 more days. I think therefore I write.

Oh, yes it is my job. I get about 1,500-2,00 words in per day I’m happy. Either way I don’t try to make excuses. I don’t want to. I love to write. To observe and comment.

It isn’t fun to tell people you have other things to do, I haven’t seen a movie in I don’t know how long. Oh well, I’ll be working on creative endeavors.

What I’m reading:

Still on the Jack Whyte novels, though I’ve sat down with the Skystone. It is really well written and I am engrossed in it.

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