Is There Such a Thing as an Evil Computer or Is it a Bad Writer?

I think that I’ve been busy with typing, OK, small joke there! My computer though has not been as busy as I have. I was using my computer and spent most of my time trying to get it to work.  It would not and I didn’t know what to do with it.  A laptop that loves me this much is not a good thing.  That and publishing a book is not quite what I expected it to be.

Not to worry I have a desktop computer handy. With all my files. Except for yesterday’s work. Not a complete wash, I still have most of my work on paper.  At least I find it useful to have a pen and paper handy for such events.

I did notice something which made my day. I had written “chapiter” instead of chapter.  Now, this made me ask myself is there such a thing as a bad writer and a bad computer?  Possibly there might.  This is why I am learning that a first draft is that– first of anything.  I have learned that publishing a first draft is a very bad idea and that would set me back a fair bit.  This is hard when you want to have your work published….

Yesterday would have been better.

I’ll just keep typing and typing and perhaps go and find a new laptop.

What I’m Reading Today:

I should be reading for computers for dummies… but no, I’ll save that for later.

I am sitting reading 38 common mistakes fiction writers make by Jack Bickham, though it is intended for fiction, some of the points he makes applies to non-fiction as well.

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