How to Deal With Comments on Your Writing

Advice #5:

Don’t take all comments people make to heart. Some simply want to tell people off and some don’t have the heart to tell you what they really think.  Good or bad, comments are something you will as a writer be faced with.

Best thing you can use when you have anyone who gives you advice?

Use a grain of salt, or a shovel of salt is required when you think that people are being truly unkind about your writing.

It does take some effort to think of and figure out what is important to you.  For example someone who tells you that your writing is nothing more than a baby could write is probably not a writer you should count on for advice. However someone emailing you and telling you that while your blog post was great, there is a spelling mistake or something that they didn’t understand in your post, that would be something you should listen to.

It is up to you as a writer to decide what is and isn’t important to you.  After all we don’t often take advice, but we writer love to give advice to other writers.  Even when it is not wanted or needed.   

Think where you’d like to be in three years, traditional published, self-published writer, freelance writer… than see what a professional  writers says. One who has success in their own writing.  This would be a good person to ask for some advice, but it is still something you should not take to heart, as writers can be cruel at times- or too helpful in thier advice.

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  • JS

    Honestly, i do pay sincere heed to an expert comment (although I haven't had many such comments) as that helps improve focus and strike out the deficiencies.

    In my case, I simply don't know where i will be in three to five years. Frankly, haven't got in touch with any expert before. You are the first one i have come across Rebecca, realistically and I will cling on to your tips/advices like a "monkey to life-saving branch." Gosh, what a phrase i invented. Pathetic! Isn't it!

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