A Dance of Writer’s Emotions

I had a day of what I like to call the jumpy writer dance. Ever had it?  It’s also known as a dance of emotions.

It is when you have several deadlines to meet and other pressing commitments to do, all you only have so much time in which to do it.  I’d like to say multitasking helped me oh so much, but the reality is going from one project to the next was more of an effort in frustration as opposed to getting anything productive done.  It was a whole emotional ball of frustration and anger.

Did it help me in any way? While it does allow for some “new” thinking, the main problem with this is that there is no rhythm that is maintained, in either piece of work I was writing, if I want to make money writing there is a need for focus, and a need to set goals with some sort of logic.

You don’t get half the number of words in one day done as you would slogging it out with one manuscript and then go to the next on the next day. You will find yourself editing a lot more if your writing than if you focused.  Except there is a deadline looming and there is a sense of panic in the air, and you go from happy something- anything is being accomplished to utter dismay in minutes.

Then why did I do it?

Only when I want to avoid the infamous writer’s block- which isn’t a thing it’s an excuse for the panic emotion. This is when I am too lazy to actually get a pen and paper to do the “hard” unblock- and admitting you are simply being lazy is a hard thing for a writer.  It’s harder to push through a bit of writing than it is to go and write a blog post, and then come back to and fix some mistakes.

It is about knowing you’ve got a story to write, and there will be mistakes, and there is simply a lack of drive on the part of a writer to get past the “problem.”  Emotions and logic work together as long as a writer works through them.

Some recommended reads today: I am reading The Elfstones of Shannara by Terry Brooks. A shorter book than The Sword of Shannara but a good way to relax.  He has done a much better 

For a good non-fiction that I highly recommend is that of Royal Babylon by Karl Shaw… if you love reading about royalty, you’ll laugh your heart out with it!

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