The Focus on Earning Passive Income

I’ve heard a lot of bloggers write about earning passive income.  It’s a good conversation piece.

passive income
Passive Income will happen when you focus
The problem, as I see it, is that it puts the focus on products and services and not on looking back and reflecting on writing.  We’d all love to have money.  Not just a couple of dollars earned here and there with what we write, but a lot of money.
So, we search the Internet for success stories, and search for the one in a million win.  How to increase passive income. How to ‘make money online’ and how to be the top one percent.
That’s where the problem is. It took me a while but, I found out a thing or two about the whole concept of income.
Not matter which way you take it the snowball effect comes into play.

1) You have to start with something tangible

Passive income doesn’t happen just because I write a good blog post.  It happens because I took some time to learn where my readers are and what they need.  The more I am found, the better the chance my readers will tell others about this website.  Writing helps me, and it helps me develop my ‘mind power’ it’s quick and easy.

2) Keep going

Passive income is because of focus.  The more you focus on writing the better.  Then continue to update and revamp as needed.  Become more creative. Keep going when it hurts to, keep trying and learning.

3) Snowballs Effects Happen

Just make sure your snowball is the right size to push.  This means, to me, that the website can take a lot of challenges and still keep moving.  If you’ve got the people, you’ve got your change.

4) Focus!

Take aim at a goal and never give up.

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