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    More Writing

    There is something about the written word which allows me to think on a different level.  I can be an adult, and spend time editing.  I can envision things that make me want to do some more writing.  There is…

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    Does a Blog Need a Website?

    Are you ready for the website?  It might be that you don’t have a book published yet, but you need to have some sort of brand out there that will interest your reader.  Otherwise when your book is published, you have…

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    Just do the work anyways. There will always be distractions and detractors, who think that life is about… a real job. Guess what this is my job. so everyone take this job and LOVE IT!

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    Over The rainbow

    Okay Now this is? Addy positively knew Kingly was nuts and at the least he needed to be punched in the nose. She figured after everything he put her through, she should be the one to get the first punch.…

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    Even after I’ve written more than 100 blogs I often wish that I would take time off… Or rather, that I had time to work on this blog. I find it funny how people seem to think writing a book…