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On Becoming A Writer

Many people outside of my network of writing friends, I am simply a person “who dabbles in writing.”  

Franz Kafka
Kafka on non-writers

They might ask when I will publish- although I’ve only been writing for a couple of years now, but when I say I don’t have a book published yet- they ask when I’ll stop this hobby.

I don’t exactly like this term, but I think in many ways until I publish a book that will be something that will haunt me.  It is about becoming a writer, a blog counts for a lot but to many more mature people this is a foreign concept to them.  Writing means publishing a book, and it means money. In the end, me earning income on a blog or a book is about proving myself to others.  This blog is a way to show my writing to others, and I like to dream big.  I think that is a huge thing in becoming a writer.

I get the question of  “How is your writing going?” In general, they ask when I have said I wrote a draft of my second chapter.  Then they look at me in a way which almost makes me feel I can’t manage my own time. Have you had a thought similar to this one, “I wish I had time to write.”  It generally hits me when someone asks about my writing.

I do not have all the time in the world and my day is twenty-four hours long just like anyone else, but my main goal is to write, and become a better writer.


Because it gives me a voice and a challenge that I would not have otherwise, I am a writer, and it takes away from a lot of other parts to my life. It is hard at times, and time consuming, since I tend to write my work out in pen and paper and that takes time to transfer to a new medium that of the computer.

But as with something that I love, it helps when I burst with words and it flows nicely. Same with when it becomes hard.

With all the challenges and work I find myself wondering what can help me. Imagination. Desire. Work. Honest Hard Work. Mostly, work…. but I want to be published. 

This is why becoming a writer is a long term process- one no has instant success, not even the bestselling authors.  I think it should take me a few months to have a book in publishable form- and then it will take time to edit it.  As long as my computer agrees to the process!

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