On Being a Blogger

Are you feeling like a blogger?

Or, when blogging are you running through the motions?  The number of words in a blog post or the pictures or whatever makes a blog according to someone else?

take a moment and type

One of the many things I have learned about blogging in the past few months is that it is not as easy as some might like to say it is.  I always wanted to see myself as a writer.  I’m not one of these people who can look back and say “I knew I would be a writer since I was a child.” I’m more the type of person who looks at all the information and then goes back and thinks about things.

The same holds true with writing, I love the art, the process and the way it works as a part of my life now, but then there is another part of it, which is growing on me.  That of blogging.

The fact is there is going to be changes, and as much as I would like to be living somewhere in the past, I’m a big fan of the writers of the early to mid 1900s, and I’d love to work at becoming much like them in terms of writing, and observations.  It is a challenge and something I want to accomplish.    In some ways, blogging is much like this.

You have to spend hours writing and observing others, and then go back and improve on your own blog.  There is a lot to learn and there are a lot of writers who have blogs.  It seems there are as many would-be bloggers out there as there are would-be writers.  Being a blogger means standing out.

Writing blogs is also about how you can sit back and focus on writing itself; I can write a long piece of ‘words’ on my story or in my journal, but I’m not writing to an audience per say.  I am writing to myself, and the challenge is to get to the people I need to get to.

Enter being a blogger.

no pain
no pain, no gain

As much as one can argue it’s a journal or it’s a means to communicate to others, there is something about writing a blog post which either brings out the best or the worst in a writer.  You can be passionate about writing one day, only to decide the next that writing, or blogging, isn’t for you, and you would sooner drop everything than continue to write.

So, you blog about your feelings, and surprisingly you find some helpful readers who will encourage you to continue writing.  That is a good part of being a person who writes, and who happens to also do this online.  You might find that writing allows you to safely express your own points of your, and being a blogger allows you to communicate with other like minded people.

The downside is you will find not so like minded people, or ones who will challenge your point of view.  I’ve learned that this is a powerful motivator to allow my opinion to be expressed in a better manner, and to show I can write a blog post which gets people interested.