Writing A Book With Passion

Ever had a day when you just want to find out more about what makes you passionate?  Have you ever thought of a time when writing was a part of your life but not the whole thing?

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For some people who begin to write, they might be passionate about the subject, but they don’t see themselves as a writer.

There was a time when I didn’t think I could write, and I didn’t think I was good enough.  That time, fortunately, is long gone, and I am happy to be a writer.  I have a lot to learn about the balance between logic and passion, but i am growing as a writer.

This doesn’t mean I always enjoy things I write about, but it means I am willing to look at other parts of what makes a writer.  Since I am learning about self-publishing companies, I am learning not everything is about being the ‘greatest.’

It’s about writing a book with passion and making yourself have joy with the art of writing.  There is an art to writing and it follows a pattern.  There is a pattern to how a writer can write a book, just like how a writer blogs.

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1) You write a book. (Or a  series of  blog posts)

2) You begin to either be bored of the writing, or you begin to have more joy.

3) You write some more.

4) You either begin to think your writing is about ready- or you realize it’s not.

 5) You go back and fix it up.

 6) You write.

Sounds a bit like a cycle, but if you add passion to this equation, then there is a good chance that no matter what happens there will still be a bit of joy about writing you will have for whatever you do.

Writing a book with passion is simply about doing something that makes you feel good.  It’s not about making money- and this is your ‘baby’ but it’s still something you love to do.  Writing a book with passion is also about understanding that while some parts might not make you ‘love’ it, they are still there, and you can still work on them and enjoy them as a part of being a writer.

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