Should I Care About Self-Publishing Companies?

I’ve not quite got a final draft together for my book, but at this point, there is a good chance with the type of people who will read my book I should consider some self-publishing companies.  One of the companies I am considering is Lulu, which is a company founded in 2002.

The question is should I care about self-publishing companies?

Yes, because they are a good type of place for a small readership.  I’ve spent time re-writing my drafts, and although I will use a professional editor, I am looking into as many options for how I can expand on whom I can talk to about my book.  It’s not just about family and friends when it comes to having an income with my writing.

In this case, if a book is done well, and you use a self-publishing company you can trust, you can be certain there will be readers for what is being written, a blog is an important base of command as it were, and it’s part of writing a good business plan.  It’s harder to be a better writer when the goals you set are vague.

In this case, caring about companies who you might not use.  I did a bit of investigating about which company would work for me, and Lulu was one which caught my eye, although when I put in the search term in Google of “self-publishing” I also found AuthorHouse, and Xlibris, which also interest me since there are a lot of packages I can choose from.

I need to care about these sorts of companies since it can be a big part of my writing career.  While I am not as sure about where I am going to publish my book I am sure that over time, this plan needs to include other options of where and how I can publish.  There are a lot of choices out for anyone who dreams of having their own book.

I was given a book from another writing friend when I mentioned I was looking at self-publishing, and I was feeling rather unsure of it all. Self-Publishing For Dummies is a very good book for those who are just learning the path of all the choices writers have when it comes to writing and publishing a book.

It’s not just about getting the large deal with a more traditional publisher, but if it means I have to edit and it will take longer to get my book out this is alright since there is more to writing a book than just the content. I’m learning to care about what needs to be said and who needs to say it in my writing life.

A writer’s life is never quite done, and it’s important to care about all aspects of publishing.  The publishing industry as I am learning is a growing and challenging thing.  It’s not just about what the author wrote, but how it is given to the people

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