A Writer’s Mind is Always ‘Write’

stephen kIng quoteWriting is supposed to be ‘easy.’  Writing is supposed to be ‘fast.’


The people who say these things are not writers by any means or they are not patient about the art and process of writing a book.  After all if writing was as easy as publishing a book in one or two days, I’m sure most people would have the time and the talent to do so.  It’s not, and it’s not fast and most people, as much as the next person loves good


It’s about caring about the people who will eventually read a book someone else has written.  Everything I write is one word at a time, and Mr. King is quite right about how many times people ask me this question too, but more along the lines of how often do you write.  One word at a time, over the course of a year is only 365 (366 per leap year) of words, and that makes it harder to want to finish anything, at that rate, a blog post would be once a year!

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A writer’s mind is always thinking about what should be inside a book, or what content should be written on a blog, and what and when they should publish a post.  Blogging is as much an act of publishing as it is a book of any sort.


When a writer stops the physical act of writing, there is always something going on that pushes them to their limits and makes them want to create more.  Writers worry about how people see them or how they can build a stronger blog, or book, writers want to be valued for their writing, and this is something they take seriously.


Writing is a process which challenges the best writer.


I don’t think anyone who has tried to write in any professional manner will suggest that blogging is easy for them or that they can learn and grow without effort.  The key is to make connections with the many readers you have- no matter how few they may be- if they are loyal to your writing or your blog, they are important.  Loyal readers are vital to a blog, as they are to an author.


However, as a writer and blogger you need to get the word out about your blog or your newly published books.  Networking is important but it shouldn’t be the time consumer when it comes to your time management,

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I’ve thought about putting information about this blog on Facebook, since it is one of the premier online social networking sites, and it has been up and running since 2004, but I’m not quite convinced of how much used this site would be for a blog like mine.  As it stands sharing with my friends might also irritate them, as they have either no intention of writing a blog, or have a blog themselves.  One could suggest using a Facebook page and getting the word out there but that takes as much time as writing a book or writing a blog post.


A writing blog needs to be something dynamic and online, and then there is Twitter, which I have some thoughts as to how much it can help a writer ‘write.’  It’s all about connections and making a writer’s mind always be on “write” mode.