What Needs To Be Written on A Blog

I know that writing is hard, at least I can say this out loud to others, but it might not mean much to me mentally. In all of the many things I do each day, writing is one of the most frustrating and challenging things I do.  

I can easily sit back and write for hours, only to find I erase about as much as I wrote because it wasn’t worth keeping.  I can also brain storm up new books, and begin to write them- only to realize this isn’t what needs to be written.

I can be passionate about what I am writing, and the research that goes into it, but I can also be creative and imagine what sort of word play I can use to make people come back and want to buy books of mine, once they are published.  

The same holds true with blogging, you can have wonderful ideas about what you should be blogging about only to be like me and find it’s not really where you want to go.  Blogging is almost like starting to write a book, it’s challenging, but similar to journaling.

As of this moment, I certainly have a lot on my writing plate.  I have this blog and and I can see that although I am not where I might want to be in terms of publishing my book, I have are contact with a few publishers to see what they have to offer and what they have to suggest.
What needs to be done, is really, what needs to be written, and edited and that is my book.  It’s great that it has a tentative title “the lost men of Transylvania” but there is another aspect to it.  A blog is a means to share some ideas, but not the plot.

It is still in the infant stage of development.  Thankfully, I have people reading and making suggestions for this book to help it grow.  This can be my crown jewel.

Another aspect I am learning is the need for creative writing.  At first glance, the book originally seemed very dry and factual, and there wasn’t much to it.  All writers have something to say as F. Scott Fitzgerald so wonderfully put it.

I was taking a creative writing course, which I found through writer’s market, and I made the content more of a narrative style as opposed to the more dry and factual way it was.  

This has also affected how I look at my blogging style- which makes it much more fun to back writing again… even after only writing for a few months in the blogging world.

Now, more of my pre-publishing readers like where this is going- writing is about communication and connection with readers.  This is what needs to be written on a blog in a good blog post, and not what I think should be written.  

Yes, the joys of writing life.