Am I A Professional Blogger or Writer?

I am at the moment a growing writer and blogger.

I’ve some a long way in a month, and there is still time to develop my skills in writing and marketing of both my blog and my books. The reality is true when if you want to make money with either writing or blogging you are going to have to step it up on everything. I can already see the “what do you mean by step it up?” I assure you that you are not alone in wanting to be so much more than just a writer wannabe.

Each part of your life has to be very professional.

The more you can challenge yourself as a blogger, the better chance you will have success. I’m not at the stage yet where I can quit my job and become a full time blogger, but I do have a office in my house where I tend to buy stationary and other office supplies through companies such as Office Monster. I feel like the more equipment I have around me, the more it will motivate me to create content on those days where I am not as motivated as I should be. No blog starts out perfect, it is up to you to help it grow. No one can face writing without learning how to become more of a ‘professional’ about their work if they long to publish a book. It is your writing and it is your means to be able to make money and write for a living. There is one other factor to professional writing.

A professional writer knows they have readers. The readers learn from you and learn what you are willing to give to them. I’ve spent the last month going back and thinking about how I would grow this blog, it is about writing. Some have suggested I promote it to others, make a network of other writers, but I am still very new to the world of blogging and I’m not as confident about networking in a more social setting.

It’s not just about publishing a good title for a book, although right now it’s still an important factor in my writing, it’s about how I can become more of a professional writer, or a professional blogger. I’ve heard different writers say blogging and writing are two different lives, and I believe this is true. I have to share and work with people I connect with online when I write a blog post, although since this blog has been up for only a month, there isn’t a lot of people.

A professional blogger is one who not only makes connections, both in more of a social networking lifestyle, but in a deeper relationship with their readers. Each blog has something to offer each reader, and that is the reason people come and read a blog. If you want you can abandon it, or you can weather it, learn to think like a ‘professional’ and try to dig for more information, or more about writing, or blogging.

A professional writer, is one who focuses on the personal connections, the ones where they can see the person and sign their book and talk to them in a long conversation. There is something different with each one, but the part which intrigues me the most is both rely on connections with readers.

Am I a professional blogger? If this means do I make money blogging, the answer is no, if it means I am willing to improve and learn, and build a better blog, then yes. The same holds true with writing, the more I am willing to improve, and to build relationships the more likely I will see success.

Deep down, a writer, and a blogger need to make a difference to the community they write in. The more they do this, the more likely they will succeed. Roosevelt was right- trying to be better is the only way to try. That doesn’t mean you will succeed, but it means that you have learned one more way to become both a blogger and a writer.

You have the potential to be both a professional blogger and a writer, in fact, if you hit ‘publish’ on a blog post you have made the first step.