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Writing a journal

The wizard of Oz has nothing on me. I have so many things to do: start this blog, write a book, balance home and other commitments. They all are fun in their own way.  The problem is I often wish someone would come and transport me somewhere else and the wonderful land of Oz would be a good possibility.

What I am writing is  a non fiction book about the Transylvanian Saxons of Romania and their experiences of the Second World War.  The Saxons of Romania are a small group of Germans who came to live in that area. Then they were, for all intents and purposes, kicked out of Romania at the conclusion of the war simply because they were Germans. My goal is to write and have a book published in a reasonable time frame about this. 
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Writing quote

I find writing so much fun, but it takes up so much of my time. Still, it is something I am passionate about, especially the research and writing of a book. It will be fun to get it published. Here’s hoping I’ll have it done by September and that I can get people interested before the Remembrance Day rush.  I have begun looking into which company can publish a book like mine and I hope this will allow me to make money with my writing.

I love to write, that also includes the editing part which can be the bane of any writer’s life. Some like it and others do not and I am firmly in the do not like category. There are struggles that will make this even more challenging but this will give me a change to work on my skills and I can only wish that my abilities will become better, and faster.
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Blogging, or publishing a blog post, is a means to build my readership, but I can also see that people need to have a reason to come here.  On that front, my blog, and my blog posts are what worry me the most.  I can write a blog post.  I can edit it reasonably well, but it is the marketing that scares me the most.

So, welcome to my new readers.